The Only Person I ever meet, is me.

Would you believe me if I told you that writing this particular blog post was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do? Why? Because this blog required me to identify some things within myself that I wasn’t necessarily happy with. One day I was listening to a sermon by the legendary Rev. Ike. If you’ve never heard of him, YOUTUBE him now! He was a pastor, that was undoubtedly ahead of his time, as his ministry revolved around spirituality and the power of the mind. This particular sermon was entitled, “I meet no one, but me.” I was intrigued by the tag line, so I decided to take a listen. What did I do that for??!! From the moment I pushed play, my mind was blown.

In this sermon, he talked about how the people we meet are nothing more than reflections of ourselves, in the disguise of someone else. He goes on to say that “every single person in our lives are incarnations of some facet of our mentality.”For example, if you subconsciously don’t respect yourself or believe you are unworthy of love you will continue to experience relationships with people who treat you as such. This person will express YOUR personal beliefs about yourself in the form of; disrespect, cheating or even physically or mentally abusing you.

Hearing this made me think. Could this be true? Are the people in my life or whom I’ve come across really nothing more than expressions of me in the disguise of someone else?? Of course, anything I hear or learn I immediately go within and evaluate my own personal experiences. After days of self-reflection, prayer, and meditation I came to the realization that the people in our lives do 3 things:

1.Shows you who you are
2.Shows you what you judge at the moment
3.Shows you who you aspire to be

Shows you who you Are

The people in our lives, who we’ve chosen to call friends, are mere incarnations of our own personality. We share similar interests in food, music, entertainment, clothes, careers and even degrees of ambitions. These people have the potential to guide you closer to your authentic self or send you on an extended D tour.

I’ve had the same group of friends for the last 19 years and I can honestly say, they’ve played such a vital role in the woman I am today. They are loving, kind, resilient and ambitious. My friends are lit y’all! But as loving as we are, there have been times we’ve been those petty, obnoxious, you can’t sit with us mean girls. In high school, we named ourselves, “the Pretty Girl Click” and made pink shirts with iron-on letters. Talk about vain huh? Lol.

Through the good and not so good moments, of my life experiences, my friends have mirrored back to me the aspects of myself that embodied who I was at the moment. That of love and that of the opposite. If the people in your life omit a vibe of love, kindness, and patience you will radiate the same frequency. However, if you surround yourself with angry, selfish or depressed personalities you will radiate those like energies.

“You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” -Jim Rohn

Shows you what you Judge

One of the interesting things about the people in our lives is they not only mirror back to us who we are but they also mirror back to us what we judge. Discovering this realization was such a hard pill to swallow. I usually pride myself on being a non-judgmental person that accepted people as they were. But when I took a closer look at some of the characters that made up my life, I realized that I unconsciously judged various aspects of who they were. I mean think about it. Are there people in your life who are selfish? Or maybe manipulative and only does what’s best for them? Though you may not be any of those things, these are judgments that you unconsciously carry around and assign to others.

I think this is especially true for people that are in our lives whom we don’t necessarily vibe with but have to communicate with to some capacity. Instead of trying to change that person, try changing your perception about that person instead. TRUST ME I know this is easier said than done but I realize that people are a victim to their own unconscious behaviors. And the way they treat/ interact with you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with how they secretly feel about themselves.

Shows you who you aspire to be

I have a direct marketing skincare business that I started 6 years ago. I remember when I first started my business and meeting other women in the company who were the true definition of a BOSS BABE! These women were confident, amazing public speakers and making a 6 figure annual income. It was truly unbelievable. I can remember feeling so self-conscious just being in their presence, as I was still this shy girl struggling to find her voice in the world. For the first time in my life, these women showed me that glass ceilings were made to be broken.

As we begin to desire more for our lives, we will attract a certain type of personality that is in similar vibration as yours. Though you may not be debt-free, an amazing public speaker or a multi-millionaire, the moment you shift your mind to a higher frequency people will begin to appear in your life that reflects back to you what you aspire to be.

“You’re the main character of your life’s story. Give your audience not only something to look forward to, but something to be inspired by.”- Kevin Ngo

I believe life is one big dramatic play and all the people in our lives are characters that have been cast to play a specific role. I believe these people are there to teach us valuable lessons and reveal to us aspects of ourselves that we may need to change. These people may show us how to be more compassionate, forgiving, resilient and a better overall human being. And it is up to us how we choose to show up for this play called life. As a good friend of mine would always say ” If all the world’s a stage, how can I get a leading role?”

Love & Light

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