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Do you believe in luck? Or that things in life just happen? For most of my life, I believed I had no real control over my life and that everything was pre-destined. I believed I was a victim to life’s circumstances and that my thoughts were nothing more than meaningless chatter. That is until I learned a little bit about this thing called the Law of Vibration and the role it plays in our lives.

The Shift

One Sunday, I came across an interview that my beloved Oprah did with a man by the name of Michael Bernard Beckwith on Super Soul Sunday. Michael Beckwith is an author, spiritual thought leader and the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center. In this interview, he talked a lot about Life Visioning and other teachings in his book. The teaching that stood out the most was on the topic: Vibrations.

Until this very moment I thought saying things like “I wasn’t feeling his/her vibe” or “Bish don’t kill my vibe” was just one of those colloquial terms that people use because it sounded good. But, quite the contrary! Vibrations, better known as “vibes”, are indeed a real thing that we as humans are constantly radiating into the universe. I know this may sound like a bunch of esoteric nonsense, but keep reading.

“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract”- Abraham Hicks

You’re the Vibe

Once I discovered, the Law of Vibration, I yearned to know more.  It wasn’t enough for me to know this law on a conceptual basis, I desired to know it on an experiential basis.  This curiosity sparked my interest, which may now be an obsession, in the field of quantum physics. Turns out, to the naked eye our bodies appear to be solid matter. Flesh and bones. But, in actuality, if you were to put us under a powerful microscope, you would see that our bodies are made 99% of constantly moving atomic matter.

In fact, everything in our world is made of the stuff! And, constantly moving. Imagine looking at an atom, and as you’re looking at this atom you see a small invisible-like tornado swirling around it. In this invisible tornado there are several smaller energy-like tornadoes called photons and quarks. These photons and quarks are essentially the make-up of an atom. Here’s the interesting part, if you were to zoom in closer to this atom, you wouldn’t see anything! There would literally be a physical void. In other words, our physical bodies are nothing more than huge clusters of energy appearing solid and vibrating at its own unique frequency. Wild right???!!

What This Means For You

Now I know you’re probably thinking, “Tiff, what the hell does this have to do with my life?” Allow me to explain. Do you remember a movie called, “The Secret”?  It’s the movie based off the law of attraction that went viral in 2006. This movie focused on the notion that our thoughts attract things, people and situations into our life. I really found this movie to be interesting but struggled attracting the things I wanted into my life. That is, until I discovered the law of vibration. The moment I understood that the law of attraction only worked once you applied the law of vibration, the game changed. You see, in life we don’t attract what we want. You only “get” what you are a vibrational matched to. 

For example, everything is energy and has its own unique vibration. People, money, jobs, circumstances…all of it is vibration! This vibration can either be at a high or a low frequency. To know what your current vibration is, pay attention to how you feel. Emotion is nothing more than energy in motion flowing through higher and lower frequency states. Have you ever heard the expression, “Misery loves company”? Two people who are constantly sad, angry or just in a bad mood are in a low vibration and will naturally gravitate towards each other. Or have you ever gone to a concert or restaurant and felt a good atmosphere? You were more than likely in a space of higher vibration.

How to Apply It

So now that we know the science behind vibration and what it really is, let’s talk about the how. In order to attract the things you want in your life, you must first stop asking, wishing or hoping for that thing. Why? Because the very act of asking for a thing is the absence of not having it. So you will continue to send out the vibration of not having it. Instead try this. Appreciate, never supplicate. Begin being grateful and appreciative for already having a thing.

Imagine yourself having the job, marriage, money or business, and create the emotion of what it would FEEL like to experience it. That feeling of having it is what draws it to you. Now it’s not enough to just envision and feel the emotion a few time and then poof you’re a millionaire. You have to BE and LIVE it 24/7. You have to act like a wife before you can create that wedding registry, you have to feel wealthy before you can deposit that million dollar check and you have to feel that you are worthy of having that dream house with the pool before you can break ground.

Now, I know many of you are probably thinking, “Why would I vibrate and thus attract bad things into my life???!!” This is one of the first things I thought about upon learning about these universal laws. And as the old saying goes: There’s an exception to every rule. I touched on this subject, very briefly, in the blog post entitled “Unemployed” but I will dive further into this topic on a later blog post! I promise.

There are many universal laws that make up this thing called life. The law of vibration is only one. Although, from personal experience and continuous application I’ve discovered that this law is the foundation for all the rest. I encourage you all to dig a little deeper and become more aware of how you feel when you’re in the presence of certain people, places and situations. That feeling is your vibration and is always speaking to you in every moment of the day.

Love & Light

Edited By: Aleshia Webber

Photo Credit: Sculpture in New Orleans

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