5 Books That Changed My Life

If you read my first blog post, The Void, you may remember me speaking about the peaks and valleys of my life. All before the age of 29, I was laid off and fired from a total of 4 jobs and depression became my new life companion. If was rough. That time in my life was one of the most challenging experiences I’d ever faced. But, coincidentally, that experience was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. I began to ask God, or whichever name you give it, questions. Questions like: Who am I? What is life and what did I come here to do? And boy did I get an answer! Circumstances, people, television shows and books began speaking to me and revealing answers to those daunting questions.

In this blog, I decided to share with you the top 5 books that literally changed my life. These books helped to shift my perspective on how I viewed life. Now, I do have to warn you that some of these books will challenge many of the beliefs you may hold. So if you are not open to other possibilities or have a very linear way of thinking, these books may not be your jam.

The Alchemist

This book was the very first book I read that began my spiritual journey. In this story, a young Shepard boy encounters many challenges, and learns many valuable lessons about himself and following you’re dreams. It’s a magical story about life and not allowing fear to deter you from your desires. There were so many gold nuggets in this book. One of the many jewels in this story was being reminded of this little truth: “…when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Feeling is the Secret

 There was a blog I wrote entitled: ISSA Vibe. In this blog I talked about how your “vibe” or vibration was in fact a real thing. We as humans omit a certain frequency, and the vibe of this frequency will either be positive or negative. In this particular book, he talks about similar things. That the feeling you have about a thing is what attracts you to it. Good or bad. For example, gratitude is one of the strongest feelings a person can hold. The more grateful you are, the more you will begin to attract those things to be grateful for. In Neville’s writings, he believes that your feelings is the true secret to creating a life that you want. This was a super short read but packed with so much wisdom!

Conversations with God

You remember when I said that some of these books will challenge your belief systems?? Well this is that one! Boy, oh boy. Reading this book confused the hell out of me! Primarily because it forced me to see God a COMPLETELY different way. Very different than what I was taught. In conversations with God, Neale began having conversations with God after writing God an angry letter.  Neale was frustrated with the way his life was going and wanted to ask God the million dollar question of— Why? No sooner had Neale asked his questions, he began to receive the answers from God. Just to put it into context, some of his questions/answers he received were: Who is God? What is the meaning of the human experience?  Is there a Heaven and Hell? Why do bad things happen? And, what is the soul? This dialogue between God and Neale went on for years and as a result there were several books that were written. This was a very fascinating book. And it offers a different perspective on how we see the divine. 

Seat of the Soul

Reading this book lifted me higher than I ever thought possible. It gave me peace, clarity, joy and an overall lightness in my spirit. Seat of the soul is centered on an evolution that is occurring in humanity. This evolution involves a shift from external power to knowing that your true power has always been internal. Gary defines external power as “power acquired and defined by our 5 senses and that this power is false because it can be taken away by external factors.” But rather “internal power is authentic and real because it is generated by the individual”. This book was lit ya’ll!

The Magic

Rhonda Byrne was behind the huge hit of The Secret. This documentary introduced millions of people to a universal law known as the law of attraction. Just as The Secret taught us how powerful our mind is, The Magic will teach you how powerful this little word is: Gratitude. In this book, Rhonda renders a 27 day gratitude challenge to her readers. Rhonda believes that gratitude is the REAL magic to creating the life you desire.  I can vouch for this! Once I did this gratitude challenge and began practicing gratitude in my life, magic started happening. I began receiving large sums of money, an increase of abundance in my relationships, and random acts of kindness from others. My life felt like it was in a divine flow.

I believe the things that happen in our life happens in divine order. The good, the bad and the downright ugly. It’s all perfect. The words from these books came at the perfect time in my life. They felt like the creator was speaking to me directly, and reassuring me that all was well. My hope is that one or maybe all 5 of these books will do the same for you.

If you are a busy guy or gal, I would suggest get the audible version of these books! You can listen to it, from your phone, anywhere you are.

Edited by: Aleshia Webber

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