Her name is Natalie. The name Natalie is of French origin meaning to be born on Christmas Day. I find the meaning of her name to be very befitting since she is truly a gift to the world. I met Natalie at Langston University my junior year through mutual friends. But, it wasn’t until last year, in 2019, that she became my spiritual sister. Our random conversations about spirituality and her “healing with friends” Snapchat videos were a key component to my spiritual growth and development. Natalie is a light. Her internal beauty transcends her physical beauty of perfect eye brows, long lashes and ruby red lipstick. Girlfriend is the definition of slayed.

Natalie’s perspective of this life experience is not only enlightening, but also very healing to anyone willing to listen.  Topics such as: healing and alignment, resistance and freedom to be yourself are just a few life lessons Natalie speaks about that have made a huge impact in my life.

Here are a few of her teachings that I’d like to highlight and expand upon.

Healing and Alignment

This was a huge shift in my perception on how I view life challenges. On this particular subject, Natalie believes that any type of dis-ease in a person’s life can only come in the form of love. For example, she believes that the intention of cancer isn’t meant to kill anyone, but to help a person move back into alignment with source and to release all the parts that aren’t connected to the divine. She sees any type of life challenge as an opportunity to grow into becoming more of who we really are.


What do you consider to be your greatest source of resistance? What has been your life’s greatest opposition? Is it in your health, finances or relationships? Natalie’s teaching on resistance is eye opening. She encourages us to, “identify the source of our greatest resistance and uncover the thought patterns that have been detrimental to your well being.” She believes that “once you are able to observe it from a dominant or a God stand point it allows you to insert the truth of who you really are.” She stresses the importance of not being too locked into reality and what things look like, but to instead use your reality as a marker to the things you’ve been thinking. And from there, make the decision to change the things that you no longer desire.

Freedom to be yourself

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been a people pleaser. Somehow, I believed that I needed to be perfect and to not make too much noise. Ironically, Natalie struggled with similar thought patterns of “staying inside the lines”. She believes that as a society we are always looking for acceptance or for someone to give us the rules. But, what would it look like to be truly free from the limitations of these illusions? What would it feel like? For Natalie, freedom feels like; “rainbows and butterflies, light and airy, beauty and harmony, balance and justice, and, most importantly, not having to ask people for permission. Freedom is to simply accept being you.”

Earlier this month, Natalie transitioned from this 3 dimensional reality and reunited with the source of all. Now, you may have noticed that I spoke about Natalie in the present tense. This was intentional, as I believe her spirit is still present. Yes, the physical body and personality of Natalie is no longer here, but her spirit is eternal and will live on beyond these 5 senses. Natalie knew the secret of life, and used the latter part of her life to articulate it to the world. Through her teachings, she reminds us that we are all the personification of the divine in human form.

Whenever I think of Natalie I will always be reminded of the last stanza of Marianne Williamson’s poem entitled, “Our Deepest Fears”:

“And as we let our own light shine,

We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we’re liberated from our own fear,

Our presence automatically liberates others.”

Love & Light

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  1. It took me a while to read this.
    Where I am in all of this is far from acceptance or embrace. A long way away from understanding or even allowing myself to believe that maybe for one minute I’ll be okay with letting her go.
    But I know that 2019 was very much about Natalie letting us all know she is connected to divinity, eternity, and tranquility. So wherever it may be that I can find those things…she will be there with me.

    1. Absolutely. Your sister was definitely something special. I am forever grateful for her existence and everything she brought to the world. Thank you for reading and know that you will forever be in my thoughts, heart and prayers.

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