For the last few months Ive been operating from a place of utter confusion and fear. Its been an empty feeling. Almost like Chick- fil a’ deciding to discontinue making their Chick- fil a’ sauce and lemonade. Its been rough. I am naturally an empath, and have always taken on the emotions of the world. So by my very nature I became quite emotional by the divisive narratives being communicated to the world. This narrative of “us vs them” has been the greatest illusion of separation ever created by man.

The separation of white, black, Christian, atheist, rich, poor and the newest edition to our sea of separation is the Vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

This past year has presented the greatest opportunity to finally come together as a planet. But as my dream of a true United states of America started to become a reality, that sense of unity slowly faded into my darkest nightmare.

A part of me is convinced that as a human species we thrive in conflict and separation. However, the enlightened part of me believes that in our greatest oppositions will often present our greatest opportunities.

For the first time in this entire situation, I was able to take a step back as the observer of what was taking place without judgment. Coming from that new level on consciousness allowed me to see that the true virus was fear.

Fear of losing another loved one, fear of never getting back to normal, fear of the unknown side effects and the fear of losing a job or freedom. Its all wrapped up in the same blanket.

Fear is the lowest vibration to be in. It is the mental highjacking of our consciousness. A tactic so eloquently used to divide and conquer. I believe the real thief of joy is undoubtedly fear. It robs us of our potential and keeps us in a perpetual state of stagnation.

As a human our natural tendency is to be right and will often create a veil that prohibits our ability to see each other’s perspectives. But what if we put that part of our ego to the side and actually listen to understand instead of listening to reply?

So here’s my call to action for us all. Raise your vibration from the frequency of fear to love. In actuality, these are the only two emotions that truly exist. Every other emotion is nothing more than a by product of love and fear. Operating from the frequency of love allows your life to flow so effortlessly. It illuminates the light that isnt just in some, but in us all.

Love always Wins..