What’s in Your Cup?

When you look at your life, do you see the glass half empty or half full? I would always answer this age-old question with, “It depends on your perspective of life.” Today, my response remains the same, but I believe the better question is, “What is your cup filled up with?”

In a time of civil unrest, a pandemic, and the death of our beloved superheroes, it’s very easy to be filled with a big cup of fear. The type type of fear that suffocates you with debilitating anxiety, panic, and depression. 

I have often found myself watching the news or scrolling past the countless RIP posts and trending hashtags with absolute despair. These images can have traumatizing affects on a person mentally and spiritually. 

The truth is, being completely consumed with worldly problems will only fill your spirit with hate, anger, judgment, sadness, and anxiety. All which stem from life’s greatest illusion: Fear. 

This state of being is a dangerous place to reside. Why? Because eventually your cup will runneth over and the toxic ingredients that it contains will cause detrimental affects to your life. You see, you radiate and attract that which you are filled with. If you are filled with all the components of fear, you will create situations and circumstances that embody it. 

In this present climate, it is imperative that you fill your cup with more light and less darkness. Here are some ways I keep my cup filled with the good stuff: 

  • Gratitude- I wrote an entire blog on this subject because it has been such a game changer in my life. It’s very hard to count the number of things that are wrong in your life when you are busy counting the things that are right. So, every day, find a moment to give gratitude to the things in your life. Big or small. 
  • Take a walk- It’s something about nature and being outside that is so calming. Maybe it’s the sound of a blue jay singing or a cool breeze against your skin. So, on your lunch break or when the kids are taking a nap, step outside and allow the stillness and serenity of nature to center you. 
  • Journal- Anytime I sit down and write a blog is therapeutic. Whether I’m feeling joy or depression, writing allows me to release all of my thoughts and feelings in a centralized place. Energetically, writing can help remove any blockages in your Chakras, and allow the flow of source to move freely within you. So, go to the note section of your smart phone or get out a pen and paper and write down every single emotion and thought you are feeling no matter how ridiculous it may sound. 

I get it guys. Watching the news and keeping up with the latest election and Covid deets is important with staying informed, but there is a difference between staying informed and being utterly consumed by it. So, take a moment at the end of every day, and fill your cup back up with more laughter, joy, red wine, and street tacos. After all, the best part of waking up is not the Folgers in your cup, but the love and light that’s with in.

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