You know money is a very interesting concept.  This medium of exchange for goods or services has the ability to feed the hungry, fund wars, provide shelter and even shut down the government. Historically, people have killed, cheated, lied and even betrayed their authentic self in order to acquire a level of material possession.  I can remember being in college to pursue a degree in chemistry with the intent of becoming a pharmacist. Not because I had a love for science or the human body, but because I was told that profession could be very lucrative. I soon realized, during my sophomore year, that chemistry wasn’t for me, and that I was pursuing a career based on the opinions of others. I believe this type of mind manipulation can start at a very young age. How many times have we heard children say things like, “When I grow up I want to be a doctor, lawyer, or basketball player.” I often wonder, are these professions something that they really aspire to be? Or are we as parents casting our own fears and insecurities about money onto our children

So my question is this: Is more money what we actually want? Or is it the accessibility and the convenience that money allows? Think about it. Having a million dollars tucked away under your mattress is useless until it is actually expended upon (word choice?).  So instead of wishing for more money, what if we shifted our focus to the ideas and the activity of creating a platform of service to other people’s lives? Now I know some of you are scratching your head but bear with me. 

When Steve Jobs created Apple, his focus was to create the world’s best computer and bring a level of convenience to people’s lives. Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s intention of creating Google was to organize the world’s information. And Oprah. Her love for people and asking questions, with the intention of accomplishing something bigger than the interview has allowed her to be one of the most influential people of all time. Are you following me yet? 

Now, I am by no means a billionaire. Yet. And have often wondered if it was possible, in my own life, to purse a passion while making a living. But, what I’ve learned on this spiritual journey is that money is also a vibe. And once you shift your focus from the “What can I get?” to the “What can I give?” vibration, the universe opens up! You begin to radiate the vibration of abundance inward thus attracting not only material wealth but non-material wealth like; love, peace and patience. So consider this: Focus on the intention of creating value for as many people as you can, big or small, and allow the money to find you. 

Love & Light

Edited By: Aleshia Webber

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