Time: Using the process of time for your evolution

Here today, gone tomorrow. This is a phrase I found myself saying after the 4th friend I knew died at an early age. Her death left me stricken with anxiety, depressed, sad and confused. As I struggled to make sense of it, a small voice within me asked: What will you do with the time you have here?  

I froze as the vibration of this question echoed through every cell of my body. For the first time, I looked at the concept of time through the eyes of God. I realized that time is a precious process that we use for our evolution. 

During my mid to late 20s, I can honestly say that I did not make good use of my time. I focused way too much time on people, circumstances and experiences that no longer served me. I allowed the splintered fragments of my egotistical personality to get the best of me while distracting me from what really mattered. But, as crazy, sexy and cool as my 20s were, I know that no experience in time is ever wasted. 

So, what can we do now to make the most of our time? Here are ways that I intentionally make the most of my time. These practices help me to stay focused on the bigger picture that I am creating. 

Find Your Purpose

Finding out your purpose is the first thing I encourage you to do in order to start making use of your time. I discovered my purpose by asking this simple question to the universe: Who am I and what is my purpose? This simple question lead to an unfolding of my life that lead to my awakening. 

Just Do It

I read an article where several people who were at the end of lifewere asked, “What’s one thing you wish you had done differently in life?” Every single person said that they regretted not doing the things that brought them the most joy and happiness. This hit me right in the gut! To know that you can live an entire life not doing the things that make you happy was a huge epiphany for me. Guys, JUST DO IT! Start the business, take the trip, buy the house, cut off the toxic relationships and EAT that chocolate cake Annamae. 

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I look back on past experiences and wonder why I stressed out about things that had no relevance or worst-case scenario situations that never happened. Worrying about the COVID-19 pandemic or if you should start an argument with the rude sales representative is wasted energy. So, let it go and forgive. Forgive them, not because you are excusing their behavior, but because YOU deserve the peace. 

Life is so fragile, and, yet so precious. Sometimes I wonder if the real hell is the moment God shows us who we could have been or what we could have done if only we’d made better use of the time we were given. 

In this life we are all renters. We rent our homes, clothes, shoes, friends, family, jobs, and even our bodies. We own nothing in this life. But, what you do with the physical and non physical possessions that you have is what will matter. I am forever grateful for this platform and the ability to express my art to the world through writing. As my lifelong mentor and Queen of literature once said, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

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