When Spirit, Meets Personality

What do you consider power? Is it money, fame, fortune or status? Is it when you’re wearing your favorite pair of Chanel sunglasses or when you pull up to Ruth Chris in your Mercedes S560? If you were to ask me, 7 years ago, these are some of the things I would use to define true success and power. I can remember thinking; if only I was married, making a six-figure income, had an all-white Mercedes and owned a house with a dual staircase my life would be complete.

That is until one day a shift occurred, and I began to look at my desires from a higher perspective. I began to become aware of my thoughts, about success, and why I truly desired these things. What I realized, is the source of my desires derived from a place of discontentment of my current reality. I subconsciously believed that these experiences would make me FEEL better about who I was. I believed that these things would allow me to feel a sense of security, acceptance, comfort, status and overall peace of mind. When in actuality, what you and I are really seeking is this. To know that we matter and to know that we were heard.

Many times we get so distracted by the dramas of life. We believe that these “bodysuits” that we masquerade in and attach labels to is who we are. But it’s not. That is the ego. You are not your name, bank account balance, address, religion, job title, weight, diagnosis or the number of Instagram followers you have. Who we are, are individuation’s of source energy having a temporary human experience. These labels, we have assigned to the personality, are nothing more than our experiences that we have added importance to. I believe the source of all uses its vibratory energy to express itself through these personalities and unique bodysuits. And from the moment of our birth, our true power has always been our ability to create and overcome life’s adversities. 

When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul that is authentic empowerment.” – Gary Zukav

In my first blog post on, The Void, I talked about the importance of discovering your purpose in this life. I believe this is especially true if we are ever to use our unique and distinct characteristics of the personality to serve the energy of our soul. I will tell you that the energy of my spirit made a petition to my personality to finally create this blog that you are reading. I suppressed and resisted the desire for a long time. But the soul wants, what the soul wants. 

I believe before you can begin to align your soul with your personality, you must first recognize the difference between the two.

The Personality

  •     Worry
  •      Impatient
  •      Angry
  •      Hatred
  •      Judgmental
  •      A need to be right
  •      Greed

The Soul

  •       Love
  •       Patience
  •       Kindness
  •       Peace
  •       Giving
  •       Happiness
  •       Forgiveness

So what does your soul want? What is it that you have been suppressing the urge to do? And how will you use the energy of your personality to serve the essence of your soul? The fulfillment of your soul’s greatest desire lies in the courage of your personality. As Steve Jobs would say; “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” 


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