Spiritual Self-Care

What does self-care look like to you? Is it taking a vacation, getting a mani-pedi or massage, eating more salads, exercising or drinking more water? For years, these were some of the ways I took care of Tiffany. And though taking a vacation and getting a hot stone massage relieved some of the stressors of life, I realized that it was always short lived. I would come back from my vacations just to be faced with the same anxieties of life I tried to escape from.

For many of us, we are so many things to so many people. We are wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, everyone’s favorite and most requested beautician, the sole provider of your family and the friend everyone comes to about their problems. But I ask you: Who are you to yourself?  And, how do you care for, not only the physical you, but also the nonphysical part of you? What I realized is that I catered so much to my physical body and it’s needs, but paid little to no attention to the real me. Spirit. Now don’t get me wrong, enjoying a happy hour or taking a long hot bubble bath is always needed! But, neglecting the needs of your soul will ultimately lead to dissatisfaction and discontentment of our physical world.

So, how do we actually take care of our spiritual needs? Here are some ways that have helped me along the way:


So many times in life we carry around traumas from our past. This type of burden will often cause us to transfer any past hurt and suffering onto others. This type of past trauma will typically express itself as: anger, jealousy, bitterness, limited patience and hostility. Taking time to identify the parts of you that need healing is essential to the evolution of your soul. Healing may take the form of therapy, meditation, journaling and practicing consciousness. Whatever it is that feels good to you, do it!

“Take a deep breath and remember you’re the child who survived and the adult with the courage to heal” – The Holistic Psychologist


Some people believe that you must be a spiritual monk that sits in silence for hours in order to meditate. Negative! Simply quieting the mind and siting in silence for 5-10 minutes is meditation. In this day in age, we live in an attention deficit society. Our lives are constantly bombarded with social media, deadlines, laundry, dirty diapers and negative chatter of the mind. Meditation allows you to connect with your higher self and provides a sense of focus and clarity. Many of the answers to my toughest life challenges came to me through meditation. If you want to experience true euphoria, mental clarity and a heightened awareness of self, try meditation!

Just Say No

One of the BEST things you can do to care for your soul is to say “No” to the things you don’t want to do or no longer serve a purpose in your life. I used to be a huge people pleaser and would always say yes to people out of fear of disappointing them. Then one day, I realized I was saying yes by keeping promises to everyone else, but the one person I was the closest to. Me. I believe as women, specifically, we have a tendency to overexert ourselves and put everyone else’s needs before our own. Unfortunately, that selflessness will ultimately lead to resentment and mental exhaustion. So, I encourage you, for once in your life, to be a little more selfish and start saying “Yes” to you.

“Because I don’t want to’ is a good enough reason. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”

Get Moving

One of the best ways I take care of my soul is by exercising. Now before you scroll past this part just keep reading. Underneath these bodysuits we are pure energy. Sometimes when you begin to feel anxious or unsettled, it can be a possible indication that your energy is stagnant and needs shifting. Doing things like dancing, walking, and running are all great ways to release any negative energy to help restore balance.

You’ve often heard me say that I believe we are all spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. It’s who we really are. And, caring for our spirit is not only necessary, but essential if we are to evolve to the highest expression of self. So, starting today, I want you to begin pouring into your true self! I want you to be so FULL of yourself that your cup will runneth over.

Love & Light

Photo Credit: Ebony Ross 

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