The Purpose is in the Gift

You are one decision away from a different life.  This phrase, that I often tell myself, has proven to be true time and time again. Think about it. The job you decided to leave, the toxic relationship you removed yourself from, the book you wrote, the debt you paid off and the decision you made to become the best version of yourself has created the life you are now experiencing. 

I believe many people underestimate the impact they have on the lives around them. The thoughts we think and the actions we take is like a ripple effect that has the power to  create positive or negative affects on those around you. In other words, whatever we do influences the rest of the world. Why? Because we are ALL connected. We are one. We came from the same source, we are apart of the same source and will return back to the same source. 

There are 7 billion people on the planet. And each of us came here for a purpose. As much as I love sleeping in, grabbing brunch, having a margarita, or dancing to trap music I realize I came here to do more. So many people believe their purpose, on this planet, must be this gigantic thing like being the first to walk on Mars. In fact, the opposite it true. I believe your purpose can be very subtle, yet impactful. 

For example, do you love teaching young children how to read and write? Your gift of teaching could be the fundamental building blocks in molding the first black female president of the United States. Or have you always had a passion for cooking? Your tasty dishes have the ability to bring families together, while satisfying those taste buds with an explosion of flavors!

“We think we are not happy because of what we are not getting but really we are unhappy by what we are not giving” – Marianne Williamson

For me, writing is my purpose. Whenever I write, it is utter euphoria. I am in flow and in direct alignment with my source. I could literally write for hours. But that’s how you know! Anything that you love and would do for free, is your calling. 

So, use your presence in this world as a gift to others no matter how big or small. Be the miracle that others are seeking.

Edited by: Aleshia Webber

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