Spiritual De-cluttering

Decluttering isn’t just a time to clean out that storage area or getting rid of old clothes you haven’t worn in 3 years. A term I like to refer to as “Spiritual Decluttering” means clearing your spirit of the clutter that is occupying valuable life space. This type of decluttering means creating a sacred space so that the divine spirit of source can flow freely through your life. 

Have you ever heard of chakras? They are energies that flow in and out of our bodies. These energy points begin at the crown of our head to the end of our spine. Here are The 7 major chakras throughout our body: 

  • The Crown centre- Above the head 
  • Third Eye Centre– The Forehead
  • Throat Centre– The Throat 
  • Heart Centre– The chest region
  • Solar Plexus– Just above the navel
  • Sex plexus– Between the base of the spine and the naval
  • Base Centre–  base of the spine 

“Clutter, its not just the stuff on the floor. Its anything that gets between you and the life you want to be living.”

Peter Walsh

As life unfolds, these energy points can often times become blocked. Prolonged blockages can manifest into mental and even physical ailments. 

For a couple weeks I was in a funk. Everything annoyed me and all I wanted to do was drink wine and watch HGTV. I couldn’t figure out what this block was. Until I got still. And the small voice, within, began speaking to me and reminded me that I needed to remember my divine essence and stay in the present moment. We just bought our first home and the overwhelming to do list started to become too much. So doing a deep spiritual declutter was needed! 

Clearing old habits, thought patterns and most of all people is essential to spiritual. Decluttering. Here are some ways I declutter: 

  1. Get rid of it. Sometimes we engage in activities or even relationships that are toxic to our spirit. Getting rid of what’s no longer serving you and your overall wellbeing is the first step of your spiritual declutter. 
  2. Get still. There are many times that I found myself going on auto pilot and the stressors of life begin to become overwhelming. Getting still and allowing your body to just rest and release all the tension, it’s carrying, is essential to decluttering. 
  3. Breathe. Taking deep breaths not only helps you to relax but it improves blood flow and many more benefits to your physical and mental health. I have an app on my watch called “breathe” and any time I feel like I’m out of alignment I do 20 seconds of breathing. This exercise instantly brings me back into focus. 

In the age of Covid 19, chaos and uncertainty is running rampant. Clearing your spirit of this type of disorder will allow your life to flow so effortlessly and allow you to truly be on your A game! It will give birth to new relationships, more creativity, a clearer mind and an overall gratitude for life.


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