The Whispers

Have you ever had a feeling that you were supposed to do something? Or a feeling that you weren’t supposed to do a thing? Some call it intuition or a “hunch” but it is a undeniable feeling that everyone has had. 

You know what I calling this intuitive knowing? Your source GPS. I believe the source of all resides within all of us and from the moment you were born this source has been our guiding light. 

In my personal experience, every single time Ive ignored this internal GPS I have lived to regret it. I would let the commentary of my own indecisive thoughts and opinions of others decide what was best for my life.

The whispers can speak to you in many different languages. It can speak to you in the form of a book, blog, tv show and most of all through experience. Experience will always be the loudest whisper of them all. I believe experience is one of the greatest ways the universe communicates to us. Unfortunately, we as humans are partially deaf when it comes to actually listening to it. And the proof is the reoccurring situations you continue to experience.

I am a first,  second and even third time offender of this. Doing something over and over expecting new results. Insanity I know. But i think it’s important to know that you can only hear these messages until you are ready to receive them. 

One way to discern if these whispers are from your ego self or your higher self is the feeling you get from hearing these whispers. For example, Ive been hearing the whispers since I was in college. Subtle hints and intuitive nudges that my true  desire was writing and home decor. Writing and styling a blank room would always bring me a level of joy. It would bring me a level of fulfillment and satisfaction that I couldn’t explain. 

After the whispers got louder and louder I decided to start this blog and combine it with my love for home decor. 

So what is it that you’ve been ignoring? Is it a business you want to start? A book you want to write? Or is it applying for that job you think your not qualified for? 

Whatever it is, just do it!! This life is the grandest opportunity we’ve ever been afforded and you don’t want to get to the end of your life wishing you had listened to those whispers. So just do the thing that feeds you, and don’t worry about the outcome. The outcome will always take care of itself.

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