Demystifying the illusions of happiness

The “Real” of our Reality

(Part 1)

Is perception reality? I’ve often heard this phrase and believed that what you see is what you get. But what I’ve learned is that NOTHING we see or consider “reality” is real at all. 

Now you may read that and think, Tiff what the hell are you alluding to? Lol. Just hear me out. Our society has become one big filter. Where everyone is a successful entrepreneur, rich, has an amazing body, hair down to their ankles, homeowner, married, owns 2 Range Rovers, travels around the world on a private jet and sips cocktails all day while watching reruns of “Martin”. 

I often scroll through my IG news feed and think to myself: This world we’ve created is the greatest illusion I’ve ever witnessed. I call it the greatest illusion because we are all aspiring to be, do and have something that doesn’t exist the way we believe it does. A false perception. And that perception is that we must acquire these things in order to be happy. 

I mean think about it. Every single thing that you do is because you believe that thing will make you “feel” a degree of happiness. Let me give you a personal example. Almost a year ago, my husband and I bought our first home. It was literally the same home I created in my mind for years before finding it. I mean every single detail .  

For the first month of being in my home I was on cloud nine! I was absolutely astonished of our dream that finally came true. But guess what? Soon that cloud I was on dissolved and my happiness hit a plateau. My mind instantly shifted to having more! More bedrooms, a bigger closet and more square footage. In this moment I realized my quest of acquiring material possessions with the intent of bringing me happiness would be never ending. 

We don’t really want to fulfill our dreams. We only want the FEELING of fulfilling our dreams. Read that again.

Tiffany Smith- Paul

Here’s a little secret. Anything outside of you will never make you happy. Why? Because those things only satisfy the body, not the soul.   We’re like a toddler playing with a new toy, and eventually we lose interest and move on to the next best thing. We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience and those things will only bring you short term happiness. 

So, what can we do to bring true happiness to our lives now?!!  I will dive more into that, in part 2 of the “Real” of our Reality. Stay tuned! 

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  1. This is sooo true! It’s like we’re chasing that illusion!
    Wow! What we think would be enough, is never enough once achieved!

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