Do you believe that your life is important? Or that it has significance in this world? Do you believe that you- matter? In our celebrity obsessed culture, we have attributed a level of success to the number of followers and likes we have. Comparison will forever be the reigning champ as the thief of all joy while depression and anxiety will inevitably be its runner ups. 

There was a time that I felt my own life had no real impact or significance. I believed the only real “world changers” were the people like Oprah, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos. I secretly believed that not knowing my purpose meant that I had no real contribution to society. 

Until one day, I had a life changing epiphany: What if our real purpose in life is to simply give purpose to the life we are living now? Let me repeat the question. What if our REAL purpose in life is to simply GIVE purpose to the life we are living NOW? Somewhere along the way we have created the illusion that our life purpose needed to come in the form of money, material success, fame, popularity, likes, shares or titles. 

Let’s take a moment and highlight some VIPs who are not only giving purpose to their life, but are contributing to the lives around them. 

The Bus Driver

Meet Isabel Lane. You may have read about this random act of kindness. A 4-year old boy, Axel Johnson, was a little nervous about his first day of school and began crying while on the school bus. After noticing how afraid Axel was, Isabel reached out her hand to comfort and reassure to him that everything was going to be ok. Stories like Isabel’s are loving reminders that our bus drivers are essential. Not only are they responsible for the safety of transporting our children to school, but they also embody the capacity to radiate a vibration that we are all looking for— Love. 

The Nursing Assistant

Meet Ashley. Ashley is a devoted CNA. Her love, dedication and sacrifice are just a few admirable characteristics that she delivers to her patients. Some of her responsibilities include assisting patients to walk, bathe, eat, and use the toilet among other normal day to day functions that we take for granted. Ashley’s contribution to the planet is that of service and compassion. She uses her contribution to be a light for every soul she touches. 

The Stay-at-Home Mom

Meet Nellifer Leon. Nellifer is a new stay-at-home mom. After years of working in the corporate sector, she decided it was time to hang up her name badge and go home to her babies. Because her babies were born premature with constant doctor visits and soaring daycare expenses, she realized that it only made sense to stay home. Nellifer’s new normal now consists of bottles, formula, poopy diapers, nursery rhymes and the never ending sea of tears.

As tough and undervalued as being a stay-at-home mom is, Nellifer knows it is worth it and she is exactly where she needs to be. The emotional roller coaster of feeling stressed and overwhelmed yet bursting at the seams of happiness and joy is what motherhood is all about. Her purpose as a mother is a beautiful demonstration of sacrifice and a love without condition. 

The odds of you becoming a human being are 400 trillion to 1. Do you understand how lit you are?? You ARE the party, red carpet, velvet ropes, private section, and the bottle service! Whether you are a bus driver, nursing assistant, stay-at-home mom, custodian, teacher or the cashier at Chick-fil-A, you are a Very Important Person! In the words of Gabrielle Routh: “Don’t be afraid to show your light. If it ends up being too much for people, tell them to wear sunglasses.”

Love & Light

Edited by: Aleshia Webber

Photo Credit: William Paul, Nipsey Hustle painting, Dallas Texas

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