Energy Vampires

Everything is energy. That includes people, your thoughts, words and even material objects that all vibrate at a certain frequency. You see, I’m a nerd in real life and my interest in metaphysics has become a form of obsession. The study of our universe and what we really are is so damn fascinating!

I read an article about a particular research study done at Bielefeld University in Germany. This study discovered that one plant, the green alga, not only uses photosynthesis as an energy source but also has the ability to draw it from other plants growing nearby.

A German physician, Olivia Bader-Lee, commented on these results and believes “the human body is similar to a plant that sucks and absorbs the energy needed to feed your emotional state.”

The moment I read this I instantly knew this to be true on a spiritual level. Ive always believed and felt that we as human beings are constantly transferring energy from person to person. Whether it be through our words, thoughts or even sexual intercourse we are constantly exchanging energy with one another.

The energy we bring into a room introduces who we are far before our words have a chance to roll off our tongue and leave our lips. This energy can be met with open arms or a closed fist. Energy can be dark or it can be light and has the ability the latch on to whatever it comes across.

This is especially important when it comes to who and what you allow to take residence in your life. There are people, jobs, relationships, organizations and even redundant situations that will drain every ounce of energy you have. This my friend is what i call: Energy vampires.

An Energy Vampire is anything or anyone that has the ability to drain you of your energy instead of replenishing it. Someone that will drink the last drop of your simply lemonade and leave the empty container in your refrigerator. Yeah that person.

Its the Job that keeps your tank on empty instead of filling it back up after you’ve went the distance for it. The relationship that has proven that it will never give you a return on the 10 year investment you’ve put into it. Its all of DAT!

Here’s the reality. No one is going to care about you or your life the way that you do. So protecting your peace has always been a necessity when it comes to your mental and spiritual well being.

Unfortunately, protecting this peace will come with a cost. This could mean letting go of friends, relationships and jobs that no longer serve you. The emotional roller coaster these things bring into your life are honestly too taxing to keep paying out. And eventually if this isn’t resolved, you will become spiritually bankrupt.

Everything is temporary and everything has its season. Unfortunately, that may include people. So anything and anyone that isn’t refilling your cup, love yourself enough to walk away and LEAVE them in love.

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